jeudi, septembre 22, 2005

Accord V : Chocolate and Banana

La ganache est très amere, intense et puissante, délicieusement onctueuse, single cream, chocolate (70%) and butter, no sugar ; à peine figée, ni trop froide ni trop molle. Par dessus les bananes sont coupées en tronçons, caranélisées à la cassonade sur feu vif et subtilement relevées de gingembre moulu et poivre noir concassé. Le tout se déguste en petites quantités, pour éviter que la délectation ne cède devant l'écoeurement. Savoir se limiter, dans la vie, toujours.

  • 2 bananes mures, coupees en tranches
  • 2cs bombees de cassonade
  • gingembre moulu
  • poivre noir concasse
  • 150g chocolat noir amer (70%)
  • 150 mL creme fraiche liquide
  • 30g beurre froid, coupe en des

The theme of my story was integrity, independence of

opinion, the value of individuality ­an armoured self against a
world which constantly assails you by telling you to think and live
by values which may or may not be false to your own tem-
perament and dignity.
I never knew Colin Smith. He was an invention. I made him
up as I went along, but he ran into my life and grew to become
part of it to such an extent that I did, eventually, and at times,
wonder whether I had not known him after all.
In many ways he was me, at least in the way he thought, and
in the bloody-mindedness of his attitudes. The borstal was a
picture of society, the Runner was the artist, and his integrity
was something to value. By losing the race he does indeed seem
to have "cut off his nose to spite his face". Some people have
asked me why I made him lose the race, and I could only reply
that the story wasn't written for them. But by his gesture, in spite
of the loss, he gained a spiritual strength to last the whole of his
no doubt difficult life.

Alan Sillitoe, The loneliness of the long distance runner.

4 commentaires:

lurdes a dit…

Super les photos de l'Ile ARRAN. Tu en a de la chance, et en plus il faisait beau !!!!!!

Elodie a dit…

Oui c'est ce que j'aime ici, tu fais quelques kms et tu te retrouves dans la nature, avec depaysement et esprit vacances garanti. Et toujours du vert, du vert, de l'herbe grasse. On comprend que le golf soit une veritable institution (c'est anthony qui serait content).

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